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Third Grade Links

Fourth Grade Books

Using Shelf Markers/ Place Markers in the Library

 A.  Learning the Keyboard.  Wisconsin's Department of Pubic Instruction recommends that students learn to key at 5 times their grade level.  Third Grade Goal:  15 wpm

Dance Mat Typing

B.  Reading Games

  1. Grammar Blast
    1. The Sentence
    2. Nouns
    3. Ready for a Review?
    4. Verbs
    5. Adjectives & Adverbs
    6. Let's Review Again
    7. Capitalization and Punctuation
    8. Pronouns
  2. Ice Cream Talk:  Nouns and Verbs
  3. Kitten Hop:  Sight Word Recognition
  4. Sight Word Bingo
  5. Spelling Practice

C.  Math Games

  1. Batter's Up Baseball Addition
  2. Candy Cashier
  3. Chocolate Shop
  4. Cooking Chocolate Cake
  5. Crazy Math
  6. Division Derby
  7. Extreme Maths
  8. Gran Prix Multiplication
  9. Helix Jump
  10. Hot Dog Shop
  11. Lemonade Stand
  12. Math Match a Number
  13. Math Trainer
  14. Math vrs Monsters
  15. Jet Ski Addition
  16. Marble Drop Addition
  17. Math Man Jr. Addition or Subtraction
  18. Math Man Returns: Even Numbers
  19. Math vrs Monsters
  20. Money Bingo
  21. Number Race
  22. Pecking Order: Fractions
  23. Schitalochka
  24. Snowbowl
  25. Treasure Quest Addition

D.  More Mousing Fun!

  1. Find the Technology
  2. Five Senses
  3. Take a Trip
  4. U.S. Geography

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