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Using Shelf Markers/ Place Markers in the Library

A.  Featured Links:

  1. 6th Grade Goal:  30 wpm.  Select Lesson "Classic Tales 26-35, 3-minutes
  2. 7th Grade Goal:  35 wpm. Select Lesson "Classic Tales 26-35, 3-minutes
  3. 8th Grade Goal:  40 wpm.  Select Lesson "Classic Tales 26-35, 3-minute

B.  English Language Arts (ELA) Research Projects.  The research process moves us from broad ideas to a focused, supported thesis.

Middle school students read The Diary of Ann Frank.  Here are some preliminary research links (Step 2 in Take 5 Research Process).

  1. 11 Facts About the Holocaust
  2. Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl (Often known as "The Diary of Anne Frank)
  3. Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl -- About the Complete Works of Her Diary
  4. Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl -- Form and Structure (Video 10:47)
  5. Anne Frank:  Hidden Pages in Diary Deciphered After 75 Years
  6. Anne Frank:  How Her Private Diary Became an International Sensation
  7. Anne Frank:  The Face of the Holocaust
  8. Anne Frank in the world, 1929-1945, compiled by the Anne Frank House
  9. Anne Franks: Final Days --  Warning: Contains graphic images and accounts of the Holocaus (Video 1:27:19 )
  10. Anne Frank:   The Real Story of the Girl Behind the Diary
  11. American Genocide a Model for Nazi Genocide? A look at documentary history:  How America's history of race-based imperialism, slavery, and genocide inspired Nazi plans (World Future Fund)
  12. Animated Map: World War II and the Holocaust
  13. Hitler and Nazism, by Enzo Collotti and translated by Valerio Lintner (Book)
  14. Hitler's American Model: The United States and the making of Nazi race law, by James Q. Whitman (Book)
  15. [The] Holocaust (National WW II Museum)
  16. [The] Holocaust (history.com)
  17. How American Racism Influenced Hitler (New Yorker Magazine)
  18. How the Nazis Were Inspired by Jim Crow:  To craft legal discrimination, the Third Reich studied the United States. (History.com)
  19. [The] International Museum of World War II
  20. Jewish Virtual Library
  21. [The] Nazi Period
  22. Never Again: A History of the Holocaust, by Martin Gilbert (Book)
  23. Otto Franks:  Anne's Father (Video 2:30)
  24. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  25. What America Taught the Nazis:  In the 1930s, the Germans were fascinated by the global leader in codified racism—the United States. (The Atlantic)
  26. World War II:  The Holocaust (w/45 pictures)

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