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Academic Links

Looking for more skill-building resources?Here are additional websites that allow choices by content area and/or grade-level.  Some have  banner ads at the top, so please scroll down to navigate. 

These links are in alphabetical order, as many include diverse content areas that defy simple classification.

  1. 50 Easy Science Experiments for Kids Using Household Stuff:  Exactly what the title says -- fun activities that can be shared at home.
  2. AAA Math:  Thousands of free interactive math lessons organized by grade-level and subject.
  3. ABCya:  This may be the most popular kids-site on the web preK-6+.
  4. Basic Math at Math.com:  This homework helper has links for basic math skills and states that more are coming. Be careful as there are ads that you can close with the upper-right X.
  5. BrainPOP:  Links for Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health & SEL, Engineering & Tech, and more.
  6. Ducksters:  Links for History, Biography, Geography, Science, and Games.
  7. Calculator Soup:  Specialty calculators for Mathematics, Financial, and Other. Some show equations or steps to help understand where answers come from.
  8. Cricketweb:  Mouse-over the dark blue horizontal navigation to see the many subjects for each age group.
  9. Cool Math for Kids:  Basic math skills for younger students. Try the new section for manipulatives.
  10. Cool Math Games:  An amazing and growing set of skill-building games. Use the gold navigation bar to find the math skill you want.
  11. E-Learning for Kids:  K-6+ Links along the top for Math, Science, Environmental Skills, Computer Skills, Health, Language Arts, and Life Skills.
  12. Education Games for Kids:  KTeacher-designed games for preK-5th grade covering a variety of subjects and skills.
  13. Easy Science for Kids:  Links for younger students covering Animals, Plans, Human Body, Earth Science, Technology, Biographics, and fun activities.
  14. Free Rice Games:  Links, organized by catagories, for for educational fun in all subject areas.
  15. Fun English Games:  Resources for elementary students that build reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills.
  16. FunBrain:  Top navigation bars left you browse by grade-level IK-8) and Games, Reading, Videos, Playground, and Math Zone.
  17. Geometry Games:  Splash Math’s fun online geometry games utilize everyday objects to teach shapes, the concept of 2D and 3D and positional words.
  18. HoodaMath:  A variety of games. Scroll down and you can there are links for K-12.
  19. Internet4C classroom:  The links for Pre-K through 8 cover all the typical content areas in Common Core-based curriculum.
  20. ICT Games:  These tablet and desktop math resources are for students 5 to 8 years old.
  21. IXL Games:  Comprehensive pre-K through 12 resources for all Common Core content. You can sample some for free and a paid membership plan is available.
  22. Kids Math Games:  Links for elementary students to learn about numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages.
  23. Kid Zone Worksheets:  Pre-K and elementary printable worksheets that cover creative writing, math, geometry, science, and geography.
  24. Kids Science Experiments:  The vertical navigation bar on the left organizes resources as Biology, Physics, Chemistry Forensic Science, Space, Outside Experiments, Fun Science, Science Facts, and a Glossary.
  25. Language Arts Games:  Free videos, games, and worksheets for grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and writing.
  26. Learning Games for Kids:  Math and language skill for elementary students.
  27. Math and Logic Problems:  Great site to practive for online math test like MAP and Smarter Balance.
  28. Math Homework Help:  Guides students/parents through assigned homework. Scroll down to see the links for each grade level Pre-K to 6
  1. Math is Fun:  Resources for numbers, algebra, data, geometry, measure, money, and more.
  2. Math Nook:  K-12 Math games and more -- scroll down and select activities by grade level, subject category, or Common Core Standards.
  3. Math Planet:  Study math free! This site has high school courses in Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra a 2, and Geometry.
  4. Math Playground:  Grade level links for 1st-6th Grade.
  5. Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun:  This is the original directory of 1st-6th grade activities. Scroll down to see the balloon icons for different subjects. His new ad-free membership site is Mr.N365
  6. NASA Science for Kids:  Links to explore earth and space.
  7. Notable Children's Digital Media:  Dynamic and interactive media for students 14 years of age and younger address a variety of subjects.
  8. Online Math Help & Learning Resources:  Scroll down to see links by grade level or topic.
  9. PBS Kids:  Videos and learning games for younger students based on popular TV shows and characters.
  10. PBS Learning Media: Scroll down to see all the different topics covered. PBS Math Club is a popular resource there.
  11. Practical Money Skill Games:  Fun interstices that teach financial literacy with links that accommodate young students to middle school and beyond.
  12. Pre-Algebra & Algebra Homework Help:  Algebra, math homework solvers, lessons and free tutors online.Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Physics.
  13. RoomRecess:  Math, reading, and work skill games for elementary students.
  14. Science for Kids:  Cool games, videos, worksheets and lots more for Experiments, Facts, Earth Sciences, Plants, Animals, Physics, Biology, Projects, and more.
  15. Science for Kids -- National Geographics:  The science for kids section of natgeokids.com is full of science facts about the way our world works
  16. Science Fun -- Kids Zones:  Fun links for Experiments, Science Jokes, Trivia, and a special Science Surprise.
  17. Science Kids:  Animals, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Space, and Weather links for younger students.
  18. Sheppard Software:  A large collection of interactives and educational games supporting Pre-K to 12th grade and beyond.
  19. Starfall:  Includes include language arts and mathematics for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. A paid membership is available to expand content
  20. Student Guide:  Scroll down this long listing of resource guides, each full of links to support a variety of classes.
  21. Topmarks:  Browse by age/grade leve (k-12 and advanced) and subject area.
  22. Turtle Diaries:  Learning games for Pre-K to 5th grade.
  23. WebMath:  A math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment.
  24. Visual Math Learning:  Links pre Pre-Algebra, Numbers, & Arithmetic and Elementary (Beginning) Algebra too.
  25. Wolfram MathWorld:  An extensive mathematical resource, provided as a free service to the world's mathematics and internet communities

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