Print Resources

Mr. B's Downlodable, printable pdf filesThese downloadable, printable, .pdf files are the handouts I have shared with teachers and students.
One of the reasons I create and maintain these types of Websites is so that I can keep my work organized while I share it with others.

The side headings allow easy access by general topics. Within each topic, each downloadable and printable handout (pdf) is listed alphabetically.

Mr. Breitsprecher's Bookslists: Teen Reads
Looking for some fun reads? Here are some suggestions from great authors that others are enjoying (.pdf files). I have put together these lists by checking reading suggestions from leading libraries, professional journals, and teen book sites. This set of booklists is a "work in progress", so please check back soon!

My LMC Newsletters
These newsletters are all created to support themes I get from classroom teachers. They were created when I worked at a lower elementary school and provided contracted K-12 library media services in a few districts through a CESA. The book awards and author booklists could use updating.  For latest children and teen book awards, please see my Library Media TV videos.

Information & Technology Literacy Handouts
Here are additional print resources I create to support my library lessons. I find that children of all ages are impressed when they see that teachers create professional looking documents for their students. Even my Kindergarten students get excited about taking these types of handouts home. They want to share them with their families. I want to model the type of presentations styles that they will eventually learn with today's desktop publishing software.