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Art Links
African Art Museum Destination Modern (MoMA)
Art Cyclopedia Exploring Leonardo
Art Detective High School Arts Links (Internet4Classrooms)
Art History Inside Art
Art History Resources Keith Haring Kids
Art History Websites MOWA:  Kids
Art Links (Internet4Classroom) Mr. Picasso Head
Art Safari NGAkids Art Zone
ArtsEdge Off the Map
ArtLex Art Dictionary Perseus digital library (Ancient World Art)
The Artist's Toolkit Restoring a Masterpiece (MIA)
Caricature Zone Web Gallery of Art

Foreign Languages
Babble (Many language links)
Foreign Language Links (Internet4Classrooms)
Foreign Language News and Newspapers
Google Translate (Perhaps the most comprehensive translation sites in the world)
Picture Dictionary (Multilingual picture dictionary:  English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
Translate Popular Phrases (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and more)
BBC Chinese Resources Language Games:  Chinese
BBC French Resources Language Games:  French
BBC German Resources Language Games:  German
BBC Italian Resources Language Games:  Italian
BBC Japanese Resources Language Games:  Japanese
BBC Spanish Resources Language Games Spanish

Arts | Foreign Language | History & Social Studies
Language Arts | Math | Science | Calculators
Careers, Colleges, ACT/SAT Prep


History & Social Studies
Best History Sites Map Game:  European Countries
Center for History and New Media Map Game:  European Geographic Regions
Classroom Law Project National Archives
Constitution for Kids National Constitution Center
Gilder Lerhman Institute of American History Newseum:  Today's Front Pages (U.S. Newspapers)
Generation Nation (Government & Communities) Reading Like a Historian
History Fun & Games (Social Studies for Kids) Smithsonian Museum Student Resources
History Links (Internet4Classrooms) Social Studies Links (A.J. Dimond High School)
Historical Thinking Matters Social Studies Links (Edmund Woodway High School)
iCivics Games Social Studies Links (West Genesee)
Library of Congress The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Language Arts
100 Words High School Graduates Should Know Grammar Resources (University of Chicago)
ABCs of the Writing Process Interactive Language Arts Links, 7-12
Academy of American Poets (poets.org) GRoL (Good Reading on Line)
Acronym Finder Kids Love a Mystery
Assignment Calculator Past, Present, and Future Tense Basketball
ATN [All Together Now] Reading Lists Popular High School Books
Author Pages Rooting Out Words
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Shakespeare's Life and Times
Build Your Own Dictionary Shakespeare on the Internet
Circle of Stories (Native American storytelling) Sherlockian.​Net (The great detective)
Comparatives Mega-Quiz Story Writing Tips for Kids
Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature Wacky Web Tales (Parts-of-speechinteractive)
Educational Catalog of English Resources Which Writing is Right?
English Exercizes Online WyzAnts English
English Grammar 101 Word-Central
Grammar Gorillas Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Algebra 1 (Exercizes in Math Readyness) Geometry Videos
Algebra 1 (Math Planet)  
Algebra 2 (Exercizes in Math Readyness) Geometry Virtual Manipulatives
Algebra 2 (Math Planet) High School Math Links (HomeWorkSpot)
Algebra 2 Videos High School Math Vocabulary
Algebra Lessons (Purple Math) Maths Dictionary for Kids (Interactive site)
Algebra Videos Math Calculators, Lessons and Formulas
Algebra Virtual Manipulatives Math Goodies
Pre-Calculus Math Interactives
Pre-Calculus Videos Math Minutes (Video tutorials and more)
Calculus Math Online
Calculus Links Math Playground
Calculus Resources Math TV (Tutorials)
Calculus Visual Tutorials Secondary Math Links (Internet4Classrooms)
Cool Math for Kids Show Me Math (Video tutorials)
Create-A-Graph S.O.S. Math
FunMaths.com Statistics Links (Bothell High School)
IXL 9th Grade Math Statistics Videos
IXL 10th Grade Math Trig Course
IXL 11th Grade Math Trigonometric Identities
IXL 12th Grade Math Trigonometry
Geometry Trigonometry Links
Geometry from the Land of the Incas Trigonometry Videos
Geometry Links Tutorials for High School Mathematics
Geomerty Online  

All Science Fair Projects NASA
BioLogica, Web Labs Periodic Table of Elements
Biology Links Physics Interactives
Cells Alive! Physics Links
Chemistry Links Plate Tectonics
Chemistry Links (101science.com) Planet Pals
Chemistry Resources
Rapid Earthquake Viewer
Chemistry Resources (Science Page) Reeko Mad Scientist Lab
Chemistry Resources (ChemGuide) Roller Coaster Game (Funderstanding)
Creative Building Projects Science Daily
Endangered Species Science Games
Exploratorium Interactives Science Made Simple
General Science Links Science Snacks
 Genetic Links Science Spot
Geology Links Scratch (Create stories, games & animations)
Insects The Science Spot
MadSci Network Virtual Human Body
Metric Game Match Wave Animation Interactive
Mineral.net The Weather Channel
Mineral Gallery Online Resources Your Weight on Other Worlds

Calculators & Conversion Tools
Pop-Up Basic Calculator  Pop-Up Scientific Calculator

Calculator Soup Index (Many of online calculators) Inflation Calculator
Calculator:  Graphing Measure Converter
Calculator:  Scientific Metrics Conversion
Conversion Factors Metric Measurement Flashcards
Conversion Tables & Instant Measurement Conversion Metric Prefix Flashcards
Cooking Calculators and Conversions Online Conversion (Convert just about anything to anything else)
Cost of Living Calculator Temperature Conversion
Currency Converter Unit Converter

Careers, Colleges, ACT/SAT Prep
100 Most Common SAT Words Free ACT/SAT/GED Test Prep
4tests.org (Online games) Free ACT/SAT/GRE & Vocabulary Test Prep
ACT  (Prep and registration for the ACT & more) Free ACT/SAT Test Prep
ACT Practice Test Review Occupational Outlook Handbook
ACT SparkNotes Online Test Prep Preparation Tests
ACT:  Totally Free Test Prep SAT Practice Test Review
ACT/SAT Test Prep SAT Test Prep Center
Career Exploration Links SAT Tips and Strategies
Colleges & Universities Study Guides:  ACT & SAT
The College Board Study Links for SAT Prep
Daily Practice for the New SAT Test Prep
Explore College Links Vocabulary Flashcards and Quizzes
Financial Aid Links Word of the Day

Arts | Foreign Language | History & Social Studies
Language Arts | Math | Science | Calculators
Careers, Colleges, ACT/SAT Prep