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Mr. B's Dewey Challenges

Welcome to my all new virtual library.  I've been online with this site for about 8-years -- eons in-terms of online resources.  All curriculum links have been organized around current typical grade-level curriculum.  All links here current and work as of March 2016.

You may notice that the new site is more-focused and has fewer links to different types of resources.  I've redefined the purpose of My LMC Web to serve as the sole academic component of a soon-to-be anounced relaunch of the website for award-winning TV show, Club TNT (NOTE:  Updated version is not online yet).

I've moved technology skills links off this site and created a separated website for K-8th grades which is called Keying Kids ( -- link on left navigation bar).  For high schoolers, I integrate technology in a new Biz Ed site (  For library multimedia, I have a new site online, Library Media TV (

The content that is no longer part of this revised My LMC Web ( will either be distributed across the newly redesigned BreitLinks (Mr. Breitsprecher's Web Portfolio) or Club TNT or will be retired.  All updates and new web projects I am involved with will now focus on interactivity and streaming media. 

One of the best things about being part of the online community supporting education, for more than 15 years now, is that I get emails with great new link to add to the many directories here.  If you see a link that does not work, please contact me via the online form below:

Please also use the form to submit great resources you use with children & young adults.  I love to hear from people that use my websites!  Thanks for stopping by today and please check back, but please "pardon our dust" while we continue our "new construction!"